Murrieta Express Care - Walk-In Urgent Care & Same Day Appointments

Acute Care Services
Getting sick is no fun.  Staying sick too long is even worse.  At Murrieta Experss Care, you can skip the line at the ER and know that a caring helpful staff is here 7 days a week to get you better quickly.  We have all the stuff here, shots, antibiotics, splints and sutures... you name it.  Soon we'll even be getting a mini free medicine samples type pharmacy so you can skip that line too and get your first course for FREE!
  • Skin Rash, Burns, Shingles, skin infections
  • Back Pain, Minor Sports Injuries, Sprains
  • Trigger Point and Cortisone Injections
  • Cough, Cold, Sinus Infection, Asthma
  • Sore Throat, Fever, Allergies, Pink Eye
  • Ear Infections, Flu, Dog/Cat bites,
  • Bladder Infections, Stomach Flu
  • Injectable antibiotics and other meds onsite.
  • Minor Trauma, Laceration Repairs, Abrasions
  • Sports Injuries: Joint, Muscle Trigger Points
  • Allergic Rhinitis

NEW:  Allergy Testing & Sub-lingual Immunotherapy to CURE most common allergies!